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Concrete is a very flexible commodity, with applications ranging from highways, airports, streets, roads, and parking lots to industrial and commercial pavements. Lynnwood Driveway Pavers are the concrete pavement specialists in and around Lynnwood, Washington. Concrete can bear tons of weight while retaining structural integrity. Concrete is the most often used man-made substance in the world and is formed from a combination of cement, aggregate stone, and water. Concrete is also 100 percent recyclable, so rather of filling up landfills, it can be broken down and reused in new pavement.

Concrete pavements are utilized to maximize and protect our nation’s highway infrastructure by linking rural and urban areas to improve personal and business transportation. Concrete pavement is also advantageous for local roads and streets since it is more durable than asphalt paved highways. Concrete-paved streets and roads are less prone to have potholes and are better at avoiding car sliding, resulting in fewer accidents. Concrete also needs less upkeep than asphalt.


Curbs are a necessary component of well-functioning parking lots and highways. Their capacity to form a barrier between the sidewalk and the road helps to keep water runoff from freely running and posing a hazard. Curbs serve as an efficient root barrier for sod and seeded grasses, enhancing the visual appeal of your concrete structures. Curbs that are well-maintained provide a professional look and add value to your home.

In addition to concrete curbs, having concrete paved sidewalks is an important element of keeping pedestrians safe. The capacity of concrete to survive decades of foot traffic makes for a much simpler and more enjoyable trip for people traveling by foot or bicycle. Concrete sidewalks may assist retail shopping malls, hospitals, local eateries, and apartment complexes by directing guests and consumers to their locations while also offering a safe means of navigation.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires companies to follow Wheelchair Ramp Specification, code, and handicap access requirements. This regulation was enacted in 1990 and compels most companies, churches, and schools to comply in order to best assist Americans who are physically handicapped and/or unable to use stairs. Pavement Services has extensive expertise and understanding installing ADA-compliant ramps for our customers.


Lynnwood Driveway Pavers offers low-cost asphalt and concrete paving options. We are concrete contractors that are dedicated to serving major urban regions throughout Lynnwood, WA. We use cutting-edge paving technology to create parking lots, walkways, and roadways that are smooth, safe, and dependable.

We offer business parking lot repair, resurfacing, pothole repair, and other services. Throughout the project, our pavement contractors prioritize dedication and consultation. We employ procedures that assure on-time and within-budget completion.


We provide more than just pavement and landscape design. We oversee all element of the project lifecycle, unlike other concrete paving businesses. We have over 5 years of paving service experience and are experts in concrete paving surface technology.

You can rely on our competence if you require concrete sealing, a parking lot overlay, or other paving services. We give a one-year guarantee and execute our services in accordance with industry norms. Your project needs will always be aligned with our company processes.